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    A different little solution for storing environmentally friendly energy

    Research workers experience long searched for the next creation of supplies that may catalyze an revolution for renewable energy harvesting and storage.

    One choice appears to be metal-organic frameworks. Scientists own utilized these rather little, flexible, ultra-thin, super-porous toko genset bandung crystalline constructions to accomplish everything from saving and moving carbon into fuels to storing hydrogen and additional gases. Their main setback features gone their deficiency of conductivity.

    Immediately, regarding to USC scientists, it spins away that metal-organic frameworks may possibly do electric power on the exact way metals perform.

    This opens the door for metal organic-frameworks to one day efficiently store renewable energy at a very large, almost unthinkable scale.

    "For the primary effort ever, we possess demonstrated an important metal-organic system that exhibits conductivity shares that of a fabulous material. The natural porosity of the metal-organic composition will make it well suited for limiting the standard of matter, permitting for lighter, extra small products" explained Brent Melot, assistant mentor of chemistry at the USC Dornsife University of Characters, Arts & Sciences.

    "Metallic conductivity for toko genset semarang tandem with various catalytic real estate would add to its potential for renewable strength formulation and storage" stated Smaranda Marinescu, assistant mentor of chemistry at the USC Dornsife University.

    Their findings were published July 13 in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

    An emerging catalyst for long-term replenishable strength storage

    Metal-organic frameworks happen to be so porous that they are well-suited for absorbing and storing gases prefer hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Their safe-keeping is usually exceptionally centered: 1 gram of surface place supplies the equivalent of hundreds of square feet in safe-keeping.

    Solar has not yet been maximized seeing as a great energy levels source. The earth obtains further stamina from one hour of sunlight than is normally received in one year by the entire universe, but there is certainly presently no technique to implement this strength because there is definitely no technique to spare all of it.

    This intermittency is normally intrinsic to virtually all efficient electric power options, rendering it out of the question to picking and keep energy source unless, state, the sun is pointing or the wind is normally blowing.

    If scientists and industries could one day regularly reproduce the capability turned out to be by Marinescu, it would choose a toko genset surabaya prolonged means to reducing intermittency, allowing us to finally try to make solar power stamina an long term and more everlasting resource.

    Alloy or else semiconductor: so why not both?

    Metal-organic frameworks are two-dimensional buildings that contain cobalt, sulfur, and carbon atoms. In many tactics, they truly broadly resemble something like graphene, which can be as well a incredibly lean part of two-dimensional, transparent matter.

    As temperature comes low, materials jual genset murah jakarta become much more conductive. In contrast, as the temperature runs up, it is definitely semiconductors that grown to be considerably more conductive.

    In the findings perform by Marinescu's group, they used a cobalt-based metal-organic framework that mimicked the conductivity of both a alloy and semiconductor at different temperatures. The metal-organic structure produced by the analysts confirmed its best conductivity at both extremely low and rather great temperatures.

    New nanomaterial may extract hydrogen fuel from seawater

    It's possible to make hydrogen to power fuel cells by extracting the gas from seawater, but the energy required to do it makes the process costly. UCF specialist Yang Yang provides arrive up with a fresh hybrid nanomaterial that harnesses solar energy jual genset murah di bandung and uses it to generate hydrogen from seawater a lot more inexpensively and easily and properly than current components.

    The success could sooner or later result in a new source of the clean-burning fuel, ease demand for fossil fuels and boost the economy of Florida, where sunshine and seawater are abundant.

    Yang, an assistant professor with joint meetings in the University of Central Florida's NanoScience Technology Middle and the Department of Materials Research and Anatomist, provides been functioning on solar hydrogen splitting for almost 10 years.

    It's done utilizing a photocatalyst jual genset di surabaya a materials that spurs a chemical substance response using energy from light. When he started his study, Yang concentrated on using solar energy to extract hydrogen from purified drinking water. It's a much more difficulty task with seawater; the photocatalysts required usually are long lasting plenty of to manage its biomass and corrosive salt.

    Seeing that reported in the log Energy & Environmental Research, Yang and his research group have developed a new catalyst that's able to not really only crop a very much broader variety of light than other components, but also stand up to the harsh circumstances present in seawater.

    "We've opened up a new screen to splitting true mineral water, not simply filtered drinking water in a laboratory," Yang said. "This really functions well in seawater."

    Yang developed a technique of fabricating a photocatalyst composed of a hybrid materials. Tiny nanocavities had been chemically imprinted onto the surface area of an ultrathin film of titanium dioxide, the most typical photocatalyst. Those nanocavity indentations had been coated with nanoflakes of molybdenum disulfide, a two-dimensional materials with the thickness of a one atom.

    Common catalysts are capable to convert just a limited bandwidth of light to energy. With its brand-new materials, Yang's group is normally jual genset jakarta pusat capable to considerably boost the bandwidth of light that can end up being collected. By managing the density of sulfur vacancy within the nanoflakes, they can generate energy from ultraviolet-visible to near-infrared light wavelengths, making it at least double as effective as current photocatalysts.

    "We may absorb much even more solar energy energy from the light than the typical materials," Yang said. "Ultimately, if it is normally commercialized, it would end up being great for Florida's economy. We possess a lot of seawater around Fl and a lot of actually good sunlight."

    In many situations, making a chemical substance fuel from solar power energy is a much better solution than creating jual genset di semarang electricity from solar energy sections, he said. That power must be used or kept in batteries, which degrade, while hydrogen gas is normally conveniently kept and transferred.

    Fabricating the catalyst can be relatively easy and inexpensive. Yang's group is normally maintaining its analysis by concentrating on the best method to size up the manufacture, and additional improve its functionality therefore it's feasible to divide hydrogen from wastewater.

    New fractal-like concentrating solar energy power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight

    Sandia National Laboratories manuacturers have developed new fractal-like, paying attention solar power receivers for small- to medium-scale make use of that are up to 20 percent more useful at absorbing sunshine than current technology.

    The receivers were designed and examined as component of a Laboratory Directed Study and Advancement project and are also being utilized to Sandia's function for the Solar Energy Study Institute for India and the United Areas, or SERIIUS.

    SERIIUS is a five-year task co-led by the Indian Company of Research and the National eco-friendly Energy Laboratory, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the federal government of India, that goals to develop jual genset jakarta selatan and improve cost effective solar power technology for both countries by addressing the barriers and issues of each marketplace. Sandia provides led the group's research in focusing solar energy power, concentrating on scalable systems.

    While most concentrating solar power facilities throughout the world are large, Sandia professional Cliff Ho says India is interested in developing 1 megawatt or smaller facilities that could offer the appropriate amount of power for a small village or community. Improving the efficiency of these smaller sized receiver styles is normally a essential stage toward making that objective a truth.

    Sandia engineers developed and tested the new receivers at the National Solar Thermal Testing Service, learning their ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures while absorbing sunshine as warmth that can end up being kept or transferred to a power routine to generate power. At Sandia's service, rows of mirror-like heliostats are focused at a high building with a central receiver set up at the best.

    The heliostats reveal and concentrate the sunshine on the receiver, which absorbs the sunlight's warmth and exchanges jual genset bandung murah it to gas flowing through the receiver's paneling. The gas can then end up being used in a typical power vegetable cycle to create electricity or used with a storage space system to end up being saved for on-demand power creation when the sunlight is normally not shining.

    Trapping and absorbing reflected light

    Conventional receiver designs usually feature a level panel of tubes or tubes organized in a cylinder. These designs can absorb about 80 to 90 percent of the focused sunshine described at them when taking into consideration reflections and warmth loss, but Ho said style improvements to make the receivers actually even more efficient are needed to help decrease the expense of focusing solar energy power and improve scalability.

    "When light is certainly shown off of a smooth surface area, it's gone," stated Ho. "On a flat receiver design, 5 percent or even jual genset murah semarang more of the focused sunshine shows apart. Therefore we configured the panels of pipes in a radial or louvered design that traps the light at different scales. We wished the light to reveal, and then reveal again toward the interior of the receiver and obtain absorbed, type of like the walls of a sound-proof room."

    Previous research in making solar receivers even more effective has concentrated on special coatings that are used to the receiver. However, many of these coatings are susceptible to breaking down over period, which decreases both the capability of the receiver to absorb sunshine and the potential life time of the solar energy receiver itself while raising costs credited to reapplication and fix. Sandia's fresh fractal-like receiver designs have elevated solar energy absorption effectiveness without the want for particular coatings.

    Ho and the study team developed and tested multiple prototype fractal-like receiver styles scaled in size to work at small- and medium-scale concentrating solar services and present the designs that work finest for every application.

    "India provides different market motorists than the U.S.," Ho stated. "The competition for green energy there is normally jual genset murah surabaya diesel generators, which develop a great deal of pollution and are incredibly costly. It provides us a little even more flexibility to create a smaller sized concentrating solar energy power program that will work for their requirements."

    Screening the 1st 3-G 'published' sun receivers

    The team pioneered the use of an additive production technique called powder-bed fusion to print their small-scale receiver styles from Iconel 718, a high-temperature nickel alloy. Ho stated this book printing technique supplied a cost-effective way to check multiple fractal designs at a small scale and could become utilized in the potential to printing whole sections of bigger solar energy receivers.

    "Additive production enabled us to generate complicated geometries for the receiver pipes in a small-scale prototype," Ho said. "Fabricating these complicated geometries using traditional strategies such as extrusion, sending your line or welding would have been tough."

    The new designs work with conventional heat-transfer fluids for concentrating solar power, including molten salts and steam, however they can also use other media for heat transfer and storage.

    Sandia is evaluating the receivers' performance with different fumes by sweeping air, carbon dioxide and helium through the receiver tubes with the best objective of pairing the new receiver designs with supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycles. The term "supercritical" identifies the semi-liquid condition of carbon dioxide when it can be warmed above its regular vital temperature and pressure. A Brayton routine features by using the sizzling, pressurised supercritical carbon dioxide to spin a turbine, much like a jet engine, which spins a creator for electricity creation.

    Ho said both the U.S. and India are thinking about pursuing supercritical carbon dioxide to develop the next era of concentrating solar power power technology because it can reach better efficiencies with smaller sized footprints.

    "The goal of concentrating solar energy power and SERIIUS is certainly to develop effective, cost-effective solar-driven electricity production with energy storage," Ho said. "The usage of a solarized supercritical carbon-dioxide Brayton cycle would boost efficiencies, decrease space requirements and reduce costs associated with current large-scale focusing solar power systems."

    The smaller footprint and cost would help allow the possibility of small-scale (in the 1-10 megawatt range) supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle-based concentrating solar power plants, making concentrating solar power even more competitive with other types of renewable energy.

    Electric architectural careers and incomes

    electrical power and electronics engineers work primarily in research and development industries, system services firms jual genset jakarta, manufacturing and the federal government government, according to the BLS. They generally function indoors, in offices, but they may have to check out sites to observe a issue or a piece of complicated tools, the BLS says.

    Manufacturing sectors that implement electrical engineers include things like automotive, water, train, aerospace, protection, customer consumer electronics, industrial structure, illumination, computers and elements, telecommunications and visitors control. Federal government organizations that make use of electrical jual genset bandung engineers consist of transportation departments, country wide laboratories and the armed forces.

    Most electric anatomist careers require at least a bachelor's degree in design. Many employers, especially those that provide system consulting providers, also require condition qualification as a Professional Engineer. Additionally, many employers require qualification from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) or the Organization of Executive and Technology (IET). A master's degree is definitely frequently required for promotion to management, and ongoing education and training are required to maintain up with advancements in technology, examining equipment, pc hardware and software program, and government regulations.

    While of Come july 1st 2014, the income range for a newly graduated electrical engineer with a bachelor's level is $55,570 to $73,908, according to The range for a mid-level engineer with a master's level and five to 10 years of encounter is definitely $$74,007 to $108,640, and the range for a elderly professional with a master's or doctorate and even more than 15 years of knowledge is normally $97,434 to $138,296. Many experienced engineers with advanced degrees are advertised to administration positions or begin their very own businesses where they can make also more.

    The future of electrical engineering
    Work of electrical and consumer electronics engineers is projected to grow by 4 percent between today and 2022, due to jual genset semarang these specialists' "versatility in developing and applying emerging technology," the BLS says.

    The applications for these emerging technologies include studying red electrical flashes, called sprites, which float above some thunderstorms. Victor Pasko, an electric professional at Penn Condition, and his colleagues possess developed a model for how the unusual lightning advances and goes away.

    Another electric professional, Andrea Alù, of the University of Texas at Austin, is usually learning sound waves and has developed jual genset surabaya a one-way sound machine. "I can pay attention to you, but you cannot identify me back; you cannot hear my existence," Alù informed LiveScience in a 2014 article.

    And Michel Maharbiz, an electric engineer at the University or college of California, Berkeley, is exploring methods to communicate with the mind wirelessly.

    The BLS states, "The rapid pace of technological innovation and advancement will likely drive demand for electrical and electronics engineers in research and advancement, an area in which engineering expertise will be needed to develop distribution systems related to new technologies."

    What Is Electrical Engineering?

    Electro-mechanical anatomist is usually one of the newer offices of archaeologist, and days back to the later 19th century. It is normally the branch of anatomist that deals with the technology of electric power. Electrical engineers do the job on a wide variety of parts, products and systems, from small microchips to enormous power station turbines.

    Early experiments with electricity included primitive batteries and static charges. Even so, the actual design and style, engineering and constructing of genset jakarta useful devices and devices started with the execution of Jordan Faraday's Rules of Induction, which essentially state governments that the voltage in a circuit can be proportional to the fee of adjustment in the magnetic discipline through the circuit.

    Electrical Engineering

    This law applies to the fundamental principles of the electric turbine, the electric motor unit and the transformer. The advancement of the contemporary time is usually marked by the introduction of power to homes, businesses and sector, all of which had been produced feasible by electric engineers.

    Some of the most prominent pioneers found in electrical system include Thomas Edison (electric light lamp), George Westinghouse (alternating recent), Nikola Tesla (induction engine), Guglielmo Marconi (car radio) and Philo T. Farnsworth (tv). These innovators changed strategies and concepts about an electrical source into useful units and systems that ushered in the modern time.

    Since its early genset bandung beginnings, the discipline of electrical system has grown and branched out into a number of specialized categories, including power generation and transmission systems, generators, batteries and control systems. Electrical design as well comes with electronics, which features itself branched into an possibly increased quantity of subcategories, many of these as radio occurrence (RF) systems, telecommunications, distant sensing, signal digesting, digital circuits, instrumentation, audio, training video and optoelectronics.

    The field of electronics was born with the invention of the thermionic valve diode vacuum tube in 1904 by Bob Ambrose Fleming. The vacuum tube in essence acts as a current amplifier by outputting a multiple of its suggestions current. It was the groundwork of all gadgets, integrating radios, television set and radar, until the mid-20th century. It was essentially supplanted by the transistor, which was designed in 1947 at AT&T's Bell Laboratories by William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain, for which they received the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics.

    What will an electric powered manufacture perform?
    "Electrical engineers style, develop, check and supervise the developing of electrical equipment, many of these as electric motor, radar and navigation systems, communications devices and power generation equipment, state governments the U.S. Bureau of Work force,, labor force Statistics. "Gadgets engineers genset semarang style and develop digital equipment, many of these as voice broadcasting and calls systems - from lightweight music players to global placing devices (GPS)."

    If it's a sensible, real-world machine that makes, conducts or uses energy, in all chances, it was built by an electric professional. Also, technical engineers may do or produce the specifications for damaging or nondestructive tests of the efficiency, dependability and long lasting toughness of units and ingredients.

    Today’s electric powered technical engineers design electric powered devices and devices using standard parts many of these as conductors, coils, magnets, batteries, switches, resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors. Practically all electric powered and electric products, from the generation devices at an electrical vitality flower to the microprocessors in your cellphone, work with these few standard ingredients.

    Essential skills needed on electrical power archaeologist include an in-depth becoming familiar with of electrical and digital theory, mathematics and textiles. This expertise permits fitters to style circuits to perform specific functions and satisfy requirements for safety, stability and energy efficiency, also to anticipate how they genset surabaya will work, before a hardware design is normally executed. Quite often, though, circuits are created on "breadboards," or prototype circuit planks manufactured on computer numeric manipulated (CNC) equipment for examining before they happen to be place into creation.

    Electrical power engineers are increasingly relying on computer-aided design (CAD) systems to create schematics and set out circuits. They as well work with computer systems to simulate how electric equipment and devices will function. Pc simulations can be utilized to version a national electricity grid or a microprocessor; so, skills with computer systems is important for electric powered fitters. In addition to speeding up the method of creating schematics, printed circuit board (PCB) layouts and blueprints for electrical and electric gadgets, CAD systems let for quick and convenient changes of patterns and rapid prototyping employing CNC equipment. A extensive set of necessary abilities and abilities for electric and gadgets engineers can come to be found

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    Keunggulan Kualitas Genset Perkins Dibanding Dengan yang Lain

    genset perkins

    Genset adalah salah satu alat yang sering digunakan di daerah perkotaan, mulai dari digunakan untuk gedung-gedung bertingkat, swalayan, toko-toko, gedung apartemen, universitas, dan masih banyak lagi yang lain. Genset ini berfungsi sebagai sumber tenaga listrik tambahan yang bisa sewaktu-waktu dibutuhkan dan digunakan. 

    Begitupun di daerah pedesaan. Genset juga sering digunakan sebagai salah satu sumber tenaga listrik saat ada hajatan, atau di puskesmas dan swalayan yang cukup besar. Terutama jika desa tersebut belum sepenuhnya mendapatkan asupan daya listrik dari pemerintah. Genset akan lebih sering lagi digunakan. 

    Mau Beli Genset ? Hubungi Kami
    PT.Rajawali Indo Utama
    UCI : 0813-8083-5905 / 0877-3133-6303
    Hendra : 0813-8087-40899

    Salah satu jenis genset yang paling sering digunakan baik di desa maupun di kota yaitu genset Perkins. Genset ini merupakan merek luar negeri yang sudah terkenal bisa sangat diandalkan.

    Kelebihan Genset Perkins

    Bagi anda yang belum tahu jenis genset yang satu ini, berikut akan dijelaskan. Genset Perkins adalah salah satu jenis genset merek internasional yang berdiri sudah sejak lama, yaitu sudah sejak lebih dari 80 tahun yang lalu. Merek Perkins sendiri sudah terkenal dalam memproduksi mesin diesel dan gas. 

    Untuk kualitas dari produk ini, anda tidak perlu lagi kawatir karena merek ini sudah terkenal memiliki kualitas bagus dan sangat bisa diandalkan untuk setiap jenis keperluan penggunanya. Biasanya genset yang digunakan rumah sakit adalah genset merk ini

    Kelebihan lain dari genset ini tidak hanya sampai disitu saja. Anda perlu mengetahui bahwa genset Perkins merupakan merek internasional yang sudah didistribusikan secara resmi lengkap dengan adanya garansi. Kemudian untuk konsumsi bahan bakarnya, merek Perkins terkenal lebih hemat dibanding dengan genset merek lain. 

    Kemudian genset merek ini juga menghasilkan gas buang yang rendah. Jadi pastinya akan lebih ramah lingkungan. Selain itu performa kerja yang dihasilkan dari genset merek yang satu ini juga sangat stabil dan memerlukan perawatan yang relative mudah. Dengan keunggulan-keunggulan tersebut, genset Perkins memang menjadi salah satu yang paling banyak dicari. Selain itu harganya juga relative standar dan terjangkau. Jadi tidak akan lebih menguntungkan lagi bagi anda jika memilih genset merek ini.

    Artikel Terkait :

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    Daftar Harga Genset Type Silent Open Murah

    Daftar Harga Genset Besar Type Silent Open Murah - Listrik di era modern adalah salah satu jenis kebutuhan mendasar bagi semua orang. Namun tak jarang juga dalam kehidupan sehari-hari masih saja ada kendala pada listrik seperti listrik padam, hal tersebut sangatlah megganggu terlebih jika sedang jam kerja di perusahaan-perusahaan besar.

    Salah satu solusi mengatasi masalah tersebut adalah dengan menggunakan genset ang bisa menyuplai listrik secara stabil. Terbukti saat ini perusahaan-perusahaan telah menggunakan genset sebagai kebutuhan operasional perusahaan sehingga tidak terganggu dengan adanya pemadaman listrik.

    Begitu banyak merek genset yang menawarkan kualitas masing-masing, ada yang menawarkan harga mesin genset silent open murah, mutu yang terjamin dan juga ada yang menawarkan garansi. Tapi membeli genset bergaransi juga sangat penting, karena adanya garansi dapat membuat anda sebagai pembeli lebih nyaman jika terdapat kendala pada genset yang telah dibeli tersebut.

    Terlebih jika genset itu bergaransi untuk biaya perbaikan pun lebih murah dibanding yang tidak memiliki garansi resmi, dan satu lagi yang bergaransi biasanya juga terdapat ketersediaan sparepartnya. Setiap kelebihan yang ditawarkan dari merek-merek genset yang ada ternyata juga sangat berpengaruh dengan harga gensetnya, jadi pastikan membeli genset sesuai dengan budget dan kebutuhan.

    Berikut kami informasikan mengenai harga mesin genset silent terbaru tahun ini :

    Harga Genset Yanmar Open & Silent

    • Harga Genset Yanmar 8 kVA: USD 5.300 - USD 9.400
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 10 kVA: USD 6.800 - USD 8.300
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 12,5 kVA: USD 7.050 - USD 10.200
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 17,5 kVA: USD 9.400 - USD 12.300
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 20 kVA: USD 10.500 - USD 14.300
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 35 kVA: USD 12.100 - USD 16.200
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 42,5 kVA: USD 13.250 - USD 17.800
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 50 kVA: USD 15.800 - USD 20.400
    • Harga Genset Yanmar 60 kVA: USD 17.300 - USD 21.000


    Harga Genset Foton Open & Silent

    • Harga Genset Foton 25 kVA: USD 6.800 - USD 9.300
    • Harga Genset Foton 30 kVA: USD 7.500 - USD 10.200
    • Harga Genset Foton 40 kVA: USD 8.350 - USD 11.200

    Harga Genset Cummins Open & Silent

    • Harga Genset Cummins 25 kVA: USD 8.200 - USD 14.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 37.5 kVA: USD 9.300 - USD 14.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 50 kVA: USD 11.500 - USD 13.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 100 kVA: USD 15.800 - USD 18.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 175 kVA: USD 25.100 - USD 28.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 200 kVA: USD 29.500 - USD 34.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 250 kVA: USD 34.100 - USD 40.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 300 kVA: USD 37.500 - USD 41.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 325 kVA: USD 39.200 - USD 46.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 350 kVA: USD 46.200 - USD 52.000
    • Harga Genset Cummins 500 kVA: USD 72.300 - USD 80.100
    • Harga Genset Cummins 750 kVA: USD 131.200 - USD 148.900
    • Harga Genset Cummins 1000 kVA: USD 173.000 - USD 189.200
    • Harga Genset Cummins 1250 kVA: USD 200.000 - USD 210.500
    • Harga Genset Cummins 1500 kVA: USD 230.000 - USD 241.300 

    Ingin membeli genset dengan harga murah dan garansi 1 tahun ? Silahkan hubungi mbak Uci di nomer hape 0813-8083-5905. Mbak Uci adalah salah satu marketing terbaik yang dimiliki oleh PT. Rajawali diesel Semarang yang siap membantu anda menemukan genset yang sesuai dan siap membantu anda untuk mendapatkan harga terbaik pembelian genset.

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    Info Kredit Mobil Honda BRV 2016 Terbaru

    Kredit Mobil Honda BRV -  Dealer Honda Semarang pad awal bulan juni ini mengumumkan simulasi kredit mobil honda semarang untuk produk mobil BRV dan mobil lainya. Mobil yan satu ini terkenal akan kemampuanya menempuh segala medan jalan, mampu menempuh perjalanan jarak jauh ataupun pendek. Pabrikan honda merancang mobil BRV terbaru dengan dimensi yang pas agar bisa anda gunakan untuk dalam kota ataupun loar kota.

    Tidak usah berlama-lamaa lagi, berikut ini adalah simulasi cicilan kredit untuk mobil honda BRVa dan produk mobil Honda lainya. Simulasi ini hanya berlaku untuk wilayah Semarang dan Jawa tengah saja.

    Bila anda perhatikan brosur diatas dengan seksama, pada brosur tersebut juga telah disediakan perysaratan pengajuan kredit mobil honda yang diterbitkan oleh pihak Dealer Honda Gajahmada Semarang. Dengan adanya informasi tersebut, anda tidak perlu lagi bersusah payah untuk mencari informasi persyaratan apa saja yang harus terpenuhi sebelum pengajuan kredit.

    Apabila anda merasa kurang puas akan informasi diatas dan ingin mendapat informasi yang lebih, silahkan hubungi sales mobil Honda untuk wilayah Semarang melalui kontak person dibawah ini

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    4 posisi bercinta yang disukai wanita

    4 posisi bercinta yang disukai wanita - Perempuan pada umumnya sedikit lebih rumit bila membahas mengenai seksual bia kita bandingkan dengan pria. Tidak hanya membutuhkan pemanasan sebelum bercinta, namun wanita juga butuh yang namanya kenyamanan agar ia bisa mendapatkan orgasme yang maksimal dan memuaskan. Jadi janganlah heran apabila wanita dalam persoalan seks, sangat ribet dalam menentukan posisi bercinta.

    Kamu sebagai pria harus memahami posisi apa saja yang palling disukai oleh wanita dalam bercinta, tujuanya agar wanita kamu merasa sangat puas dan bahagia setelah ia behubungan intim denganmu. Berikut adalah beberapa gaya bercinta yang menjadi favorit wanita.

    oh iya, untuk kamu yang sedang ingin bercinta namun pasangan sedang kurang bergairah, baca Obat perangsang wanita paling mujarab yang sering kali menjadi andalan pria dewasa.

    4 posisi bercinta yang disukai wanita

    • Posisi Missionary
      Posisi ini menjadi kesukaan wanita karena alat vital pria bisa masuk kedalam miss v dengan maksimal. Selain itu, tatapan mata pria pada wanita saat melakukan hubungan intim, mampu menjadi sensasi tersendiri bagi wanita. Dengan posisi missionary, wanita akan lebih mudah untuk mendapatkan orgasme.

    • Posisi Doggy Style
      Dengan variasi gaya doggy style, pria bisa menyentuh bagian pinggul wanita. Bagian tubuh yang satu ini merupakan zona sensitif dan bisa memberikan sensasi yang luar biasa hebat untuk wanita. Selain itu dengan posisi ini, pria bisa mencium bagian punggun wanita dan tangan pria bisa bergerak nakal meremas-remas bagian payudara wanita.

    • Posisi Women on The Top
      Jika membahas posisi apa yang paling disukai wanita, maka posisi women on the top merupakan jawaban yang sangatlah tepat untuk dilakukan. Dengan menggunakan posisi ini, wanita bisa mengontrol segalanya, mulai dari kedalaman Mr.p hingga kecepatan pinggul wanita saat naik turun. Tidak ada salahnya sesekali anda melakukan posisi ini agar wanita anda merasa nyaman dan merasa memiliki kebebasan dalam bercinta.

    • Posisi Rear Entry
      Posisi yang satu ini hampir mirip dengan doggy style namu  bedanya pada posisi ini anda dan pasangaan harus berdiri. Dengan gaya bercinta berdiri ini, sangat memungkinkan wanita akan memperoleh orgasme 2x lipat lebih nikmat dari sebelumnya.

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    Monday, 7 March 2016

    Cek Saldo Melalui ATM BCA Akan Dikenakan Biaya

    Bank BCA atau Bank Central Asia saat ini sedang menggodok sebuah wacana biaya untuk setiap transaksi cek saldo tabungan dan memberi limit minimal penarikan uang melalui mesin ATM BCA.Biaya ini akan dikenakan untuk nasabah yang kerap melakukan cek saldo melalui mesin ATM dimana berdampak pada membengkanya biaya perawatan mesin tersebut.

    Jahja Setiaadmaja selaku presiden direktur bank BCA menceritakan, bahwa pihak BCA akan menentukan terlebih dahulu berapa jumlah frekuensi pengecekan saldo yang tidak akan terkena biaya. Apabila nasabah dalam sehari melakukan pengecekan saldo melalui mesin atm melebih dari batas maksimal, maka nasabah tersebut akan dikenakan biaya tambahan.

    "Biaya cek saldo itu saat ini masih sebatas wacana dan biaya itu hanya berlaku bila melebihi batas maksimal. Misalnya nih, pihak bank sudah menetapkan batas maksimal pengecekan saldo sebanyak 10 kali dalam sehari, kalai nasabah melakukan pengecekan lebih dari 10 dalam sehari ya harus kena biaya" Ujar Jahja.

    Kebiasaan konsumen yang sering bolak - balik cek saldo di mesin atm, menurutnya menambah beban biaya perawatan mesin yang berdampak membengkaknya biaya operasional untuk mesin ATM. Jahja juga menuturkan kalau saat ini besaran biayanya masih dihitung dulu sama perusahaan dan batas maksimal juga masih dihitung.

    Solusi untuk pengecekan saldo agar tidak terkena biaya tambahan, nasabah bisa melakukan melalui internet banking ataupun sms banking. Kami ( PT.BANK BCA ) juga ingin mengajak nasabah melek akan teknologi, tidak harus selalu mengandalkan mesin ATM untuk melakukan cek saldo.

    Inge Setiawati selaku Sekretaris perusahaan BCA juga turut menuturkan, kalau rencana ini masih dalam tahap wacana serta membutuhkan kajian yang lebih dalam lagi.

    Nah untuk kalian yang merasa sebagai nasabah Bank BCA, setuju atau tidak dengan wacana tersebut ??

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